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Enjoy optimized high quality and fashionable, aesthetic pins for Pinterest.

Currently the pins come in these 3 different ways:

Small optimized pins
This size is perfect as a cover picture! Everything on the board is easy to see and you don't lose the overview.

Medium size
Due to the Pinterest given and prefered image width and length, here is another possibility, vertical and thus slightly larger. The proportions were retained. Details become more visible and you see the full picture in your feed.

For those who love my optimized enlarged pins for Pinterest to see more beautiful details. These long pins will get cut off in the feed, but you will see the entirety of the pin when you tap it for a closeup. Discover your favorite product in all perspectives!

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✓ shoes
✓ handbags
✓ jewelry


✓ high fashion
✓ world's leading designers
✓ Louboutin, Dior, Hermès...


✓ fashion color trends
✓ color forecasts for the next season
✓ what color is en vogue


Yes, the lovely accessories. Who does not like that? Blessing and sometimes curse. You can never get enough. And shopping is proven to trigger happiness hormones. Always good! When it comes to fashion, the drawers and wardrobe fill up quickly. You always find something you really need.

Explore all the beautiful accessories!

Shoes are one of the most important accessories. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in your shoes? Whether pumps all year round, sandals in summer or boots in winter: shoes are an important part of our clothing.

Come in and let yourself be surprised!

A fashionable woman without a handbag? That's unimaginable! In any case, a bag belongs to the perfect appearance. A big topic. The question is: do I need a large bag, a small bag or a shoulder bag? Maybe a shopping bag is better? What is currently announced? Does the color match my outfits? Frequently asked questions.

For the love of bags!

Who is not thrilled with sparkling diamonds and glittering gold? It does not always have to be the most expensive piece of jewelry, but these are usually the most beautiful.

Shine bright like a diamond!

With all these beautiful haute couture gowns this evening can only be fantastic.

Rock the runway!

What would the world be without colors?

Color your world!


Have fun on Brilliant Luxury and Pinterest. Meanwhile take a break and enjoy.  


Happy pinning!

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