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15 Modern Looks

15 Modern Looks: These delicate tones are so classic but also very elegant. They represent a wonderful lightness and are perfect for any occasion. The feminine look of Chicelle is fantastic. Is not this transparent blouse just great?

Pantone Fashion Color

Cuban Sand

Spring/Summer 2020

"Pantone Cuban Sand’s inherent warmth nurtures and comforts."

Cuban sand, that says it all. What do we associate with it? This Pantone color stands for naturalness and safety and is easy.to combine with accessories in bold colors. The basic color brings the necessary calm to the outfit.

Here we go.


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Transparent blouse

Modern Mermaid


Faux pearl embellished sweater

Modern DIY Chanel Look

Transparent blouse and polka dot skirt

Pearl look

Tweed skirt with natural dye




Faux fur long coat

Ministry of Style

Paradiso shirt with Havana shorts

Ministry of Style

Symphony shirt

Instagram thenoisetier

Instagram dollmatova houndstooth suit

[ image copyright & source by ~ Chiquelle ~ mrsseytschlife ~ My DearestZara ~ NA-KD ~ & Other Stories ~ Ministry of Style ~ Instagram: s a r a h k u n z, thenoisetier, dollmatova ~ edited for Pinterest by Brilliant Luxury ]

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