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Costume Jewelry II

This post CHANEL Costume Jewelry II is my second part from the Costume Jewelry series as announced in my post from January 6th. Below you find more images for your Pinterest boards.

It doesn't always have to be real diamonds. Even high-quality imitations sparkle just as beautifully. It is not recognizable from the outside whether the jewelry is made of solid gold or is only plated with gold. So why not try a Chanel piece?

Let's just enjoy the extraordinary design from CHANEL Costume Jewelry II and enjoy the wonderful feeling of wearing something special. Let it sparkle.

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CHANEL Costume Jewelry

Silver Pearl Drop Earrings

Silver Pearl Strass Brooch

Silver Pearl Strass Clip-On Earrings

Silver Pearl CC Ring

Silver Pearl Strass Earrings

Silver Strass Earrings

Transparent Pearly White CC Cuff

Transparent Pearly White Brooch

Transparent Pearly White Cuff


Costume Jewelry I

And her my collage with all the beautiful CHANEL jewelry

[ image copyright & source by CHANEL edited for Pinterest by Brilliant Luxury ]

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