How did this model come about? According to my research, French actress and singer Jane Birkin and Hermès boss Jean Luis Dumas met by chance on a flight from Paris to London. Of course, the handbag was an issue. Jane Birkin had a problem with her bags. There was never really room for what women need. And the handbags with a lot of space were in their opinion not very appealing. That same evening, Jean Luis Dumas made the designs for something special.

That was the birth of the handbag. And of course a name for this gem was obvious and quickly found: Hermès Birkin. It came on the market in 1984.

This handbag is not just a handbag!

This is an investment for life!

Brilliant Luxury│Hermès Birkin Bags 2018

Even who has the money and is also prominent, has a problem. The bag is not so easy to buy. Online she is not on offer at all. You have to visit a Hermès boutique and order. Then it's time to wait. This can take a few years. The waiting list is very long.

A Birkin is a coveted collector's item. Often the bag is not even used. On the online platforms such as Rebelle or Vestiaire, which offer high-quality used vintage accessories, patience is required. If really such a model is offered, that means being fast. That's like winning the lottery.

Remember, you have to spend about $ 10,000 and more. That's a lot for an accessory. Depending on the model, however, you can achieve up to four times more on the used market. And there are also much higher amounts mentioned.

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Hermès Birkin

30 bag in black

Hermès Birkin

30 bag in red

Hermès Birkin

35 bag in camel

Hermès Birkin

35 bag in dove grey

Hermès Birkin

35 bag in taupe

Hermès Birkin

30 bag in azure blue

Hermès Birkin

30 bag in rose magnolia

Hermès Birkin

35 bag in green

Hermès Birkin

35 ostrich bag in grey

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Hermès Birkin bags 2018

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