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Yes, the lovely luxury Pinterest accessories like shoes, bags and jewelry. Who does not like them? Blessing and sometimes curse. You can never get enough. And shopping is proven to trigger happiness hormones. Always good! When it comes to fashion, the drawers and wardrobe fill up quickly. You always find something you really need.

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Shoe Heaven

Brilliant Luxury Pinterest Shoes

For me, shoes are the most important luxury Pinterest accessories. We women all love shoes. There are always new ones that we do not have yet. And it is not so easy to say no, when everything screams: buy me LOL

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in your shoes? In fact we wear shoes most of the time (except maybe on vacation).

Jewelry Showroom

Brilliant Luxury Pinterest Jewelry

Who is not thrilled with sparkling diamonds and glittering gold? It does not always have to be the most expensive piece of jewelry, but these are usually the most beautiful. Jewelry is the luxury Pinterest accessory number three.

Today there are really such beautiful pieces, which is hardly distinguishable from genuine, expensive jewelry. Only the connoisseur knows, if it is expensive.

So let it sparkle!

Accessory Mix

Brilliant Luxury Pinterest Accessory Mix

Enjoy my mixed luxury Pinterest accessories posts.

At the end of my posts you will find the corresponding links to original sources of my pictures. These are well-known designers such as Alexander McQueen, Bvlgari, Chanel, Chloé, Christian Louboutin, Dolce & GabbanaGianvito Rossi, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Manolo BlahnikPrada, Valentino and more luxurious fashion designer!

Interested in more? Visit Pinterest and my other homepage. There you will find more fashion trends. Luxurious accessories like shoes, bags and jewelry in many colors from the best designers as well as some travel pictures.


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